Kath Ryan

The Heroes’ Hero Award for Incredible Support of the Wounded, Injured and Sick

Kath Ryan, a volunteer at Queen Elizabeth Hospital in Birmingham, received so many different nominations for this award from among the Band of Brothers and Sisters that we couldn’t use them all!

Known as Kath the Cake Lady- lots of people had a story to tell of her kindness, not only by baking cakes and bringing them on to the wards or to Headley Court, but also for listening and caring about them. Many injured and recovering servicemen and women and their families all have reason to be grateful to this lovely lady.

Today Kath goes to lots of the events that Help for Heroes puts on, she turns up at training camps for wheelchair rugby and the Invictus Games 2016, sneaking past security to bring cakes for the guys. She does all this out of the kindness of her heart and they love her for it.