Ian Morgan

For Outstanding Generosity and Dedication to Help for Heroes Beneficiaries

Ian Morgan is a self-employed sports massage professional who has willingly given his time and expertise to Help for Heroes pro-bono over the last 4 years; a commitment which deserves our thanks as it has meant that he has taken a lot of time away from his own business.  After any extreme challenge participants need a proper sports massage to ensure that they can carry on the next day; for the body of a person recovering from an injury or illness this is even more important and Ian has been there for us since 2012. He has supported some huge cycling events for H4H- Race Across America in 2012, Hero Ride in 2013 and the Centenary Ride in 2014.

Ian has also been a tutor on an H4H sports massage programme at Phoenix House, teaching beneficiaries, spouses and staff with great professionalism- the whole cohort passed the exam so very well done to Ian!