Georgia, Ethan & Grace Burns

The Junior Hero For Extraordinary Care and Dedication

This year we had many passionate nominations calling for recognition for families who had been quite literally life savers for our heroes.

The winners represent all those children who mean so much to our beneficiaries, their story will be familiar to many of the blokes and the love expressed by their father in a video during the evening made an enormous impression on the room.

Georgia, Ethan and Grace Burns are the children of Jason and Andrea Burns. This is part of his speech:

I'd like to nominate my 3 children who, along with my wife, are the reason why I'm still able to get out of bed in the morning. Taking their strength and love gives me the focus, fight and patience to continue the work I need to do on myself as a wounded healer; to ensure that one day I will be in control of my PTSD as opposed to the other way round.

For my kids to be selected for this award is so amazing for them, and deserving -  as they are my life and have preservedmy life. I'm so lucky the way they have adapted to their dad over the last 5 years and that's just the start. I now know life is so worth living.