BBBR War Historians

Extraordinary Teams

The Big Battlefield Bike Ride is the founding cycling challenge for Help for Heroes. It started in 2008 and has grown into an iconic event following routes which commemorate both the World Wars.

The Guild of Battlefield Guide Historians contribute to making the challenge a wonderful experience and we thank both Dudley Giles and Paul Oldfield for their passion and expertise.

These gentlemen scope out the chosen BBBR route to gain the maximum interest and value out of the historical points along the way. 3 historians each year offer their expertise at 25 different stopping points along the route - bringing either World War to life.

They will research any family links for the participants, finding where family members are commemorated, incorporating that cemetery into the day’s programme. Many memories have been made this way. A detailed guidebook is produced each year which becomes a treasured keepsake of that year’s challenge.